Limited Edition Canvas Print – ‘David Bowie, Eyes of the Starman’

bowie-ink-canvas2a(click to enlarge)

125.00 USD 

Limited Edition (#1 of 20) Canvas Print, 16″ x 20″, signed by the artist.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

N. Faulkner is an internationally published charcoal artist and photographer based in North Texas; her charcoal and graphite work has been shown worldwide. ‘Eyes of the Starman’ was created by scratching India ink directly into a canvas panel. To date, this remains N. Faulkner’s only known ink work.

From the artist: “One thing I love and hate about ink is how cheat-proof it is. I don’t get to erase it or to tweak it, not like the faulty stroke of a pencil. With ink, my first stroke is my last. A bit like live music – once heard, the faulty note cannot be taken back, but the piece is all the more beautiful for its presence.”


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