Fitz & Floyd Oceana Nautilus Seashell & Coral Pattern Pitcher – 32 oz – Retired

(click to enlarge)

SOLD $73.00

Private Sale from my own collection:

This intricate pattern is one of Fitz and Floyd’s most beautifully designed – decorated with many patterns – seashell and ocean theme primarily the pieces are an off-white yet painted with a vivid palette of colors ranging from corals, warm oranges, cool greens, browns, vibrant lilac and deep rich purple to subtle golds. The seaweed fronds in the ocean encircle many of the pieces and the different seashells and pieces of coral are so amazingly detailed by highly skilled hand painting that you immediately know who made the piece… the pattern has been discontinued for many years, and is difficult to find in this pristine

It measures 11″ long, approximately 6″ wide, and 10″ tall to the tip of the greens on the handle.

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