Vintage New Orleans Double Decker Trolley Bus Model

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SOLD $225.00

Private Sale from my own collection:

This really is a beautiful piece of nostalgia- a wood and metal construction model of a vintage New Orleans Double Decker Trolley Bus. Even the advertisements on it are period. It’s obviously old and subsequently it isn’t in an unmarked condition- but the wheels are fully functioning and not loose or anything. It is in original condition and some of the paint is a little faded – but that adds to its authenticity and doesn’t detract from it one iota.

You can collect it from me here locally or have it ground UPS’d to you. It’s heavy and big so it won’t be cheap. Please have a good look at the full sized pictures, and if you have any other questions please ask – I’m always willing to help if I can.

It measures 28.5 inches long by 15 inches high by 8 inches wide.