Vintage Capodimonte White and Gold Porcelain Doves in a Flower Rose Tree

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Private Sale from my own collection:

This is a large and stunningly beautiful, hand painted, in perfect vintage condition and craftsman-produced piece. It was of course imported, and is an Italian Porcelain Capodimonte centerpiece. Made to an exacting standard by European artisans, this piece has stood the test of time. Anyone who appreciates fine world-class porcelain will know exactly what this is at a glance. The gold trim is still vibrant, please see the images.

It would be perfect as a centerpiece in a formal dining room and would certainly add a splash of luxurious ambience at the table. It measures an impressive 18.5 inches tall by approximately 8.5 inches wide at the base.


Art Teapot – Quite Unique! Reflected Flamingoes in The Deco Style

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Private Sale from my own collection:

This is a truly unique find for the teapot lover and collector. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another like this – a type of ironstone construction with enameled spout and inner coupled with a wonderful linear shaping on the outer surface of two reflected flamingoes.

It measures approximately 7 inches high by 8 inches wide at its highest and widest points.

Inarco Fruit Tower On Pedestal, E-2267

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45.00 USD 

img_7914Private Sale from my own collection

This is a nice Inarco (Japan) pottery – fruit tower on a pedestal. Beautiful condition with a nice piece of provenance on the bottom in the form of a previous owner’s sticker. Approx 12″ tall x 6 1/2″ wide at its widest point.

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Myung “Mario” Jung – Acrylic Original Landscape on Canvas 2′ x 3′

Myung “Mario” Jung Acrylic Landscape Painting on Canvas 2' x 3' - to enlarge)

250.00 USD 

Myung “Mario” Jung Acrylic Landscape Painting on Canvas 2' x 3' - www.faulknersartiques.comMyung ‘Mario’ Jung – Original Acrylic on Canvas Print, 2′ x 3′, signed by the artist.

The Artist –  Born in Seoul, South Korea on September 14, 1949, Myung “Mario” Jung began his promising career as an artist in the mid 80’s. His life changed dramatically when he was paralyzed, blinded and deafened as side effects from a catastrophic, third-story, balcony fall. Not even interested in food, Mario was giving up until he had a spiritual dream that renewed his strength and his will to live. Leaving doctors, family, and friends amazed and perplexed, Mario recovered completely and has since meticulously developed his flexible artistic style. Working in a multitude of genres, Mario’s emerging popularity is heightened by his ability to create a diverse range of work from classic and realistic stills, popular among Nu Realists Collectors, to passionate impastos with richly textured details.
Mario has been a member of the Seoul Artist Association for more than 30 years and has received Grand Prize honors in the category of Western Art from the association’s Exhibition of Fine Artists. His collectors reach around the world and his personal dreams are being fulfilled one painting at a time. His work has become extremely desirable and collectible in recent years.

Myung “Mario” Jung Acrylic Landscape Painting on Canvas 2' x 3' -